Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

Doing her hair for Easter service. Look how long it is!


Pretty girl

Two weeks old today - and a little gray coat! My Aunt Caralyn gave this to me as a hand me down when Kenna was born. She was a girl, an never wore was way too hot when Brooks was born, so he never wore it...and now it's just perfect for Grey!

Easter trio. After church we did an Easter egg hung, which I caught on video.

In the early afternnon we received very upsetting news of the death of a friend from church. Brian left to go to the family's home, and Lauren then went a little while after (she is good friends with the wife/widow), so they both missed our planned Easter dinner. We had lots of leftovers for them when they got home.

As the commercial says, "Droid Does"...Brian and his Dad sat on the couch late at night downloading and comparing apps on their new Droid''s a cool phone. I especially like it when it says "Droid" in it's droid voice:-)

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