Thursday, March 25, 2010

Safe Haven

4 days old! Today we went on our first real outing together (we went to the drive-thru bank on Tues...that doesn't really count:-), to our favourite library! I wanted the kids to get out of the house, and the weather was gorgeous...but I thought the park might be a little too high energy for me to keep up with them, since I was already feeling like a nap. The library has a huge Kid Zone with a playplace, and tons of toys and activities, so we went there to play, pick out some movies and books and then back home for lunch and naps! They had so much fun, and Grey just slept the whole time:-)

Hanging out in his pack n play in the livingroom. It keeps him safe from curious little helpers and rough play (it's behind the green couch, by the organ...sort of the foyer area, out of the way). We have the other one with the bassinette attachment set up in our room. He is such a good baby, he doesn't cry much, isn't very burpy, and sleeps very well at night. Hopefully those habits continue and I will be super happy...cause it makes it easier for me! He's a joy!

Open eyes! They are more squinty for sure, not round like Kenna's were

Such a cute flower arrangement our church sent. Love the mug! It looked a little better on Tues when it arrived...I forgot to take a pic until now, so it's a little wilted.

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  1. You're such a great mom, Darla. I love how laid back you are, yet you do millions of things! Congrats again on baby Grey, and I totally get the girl/boy shoe thing: Carter's worn the same shoes since he was 3 months. =)