Friday, May 6, 2011


Don'tcha love laptops, wi-fi and outdoor playtime! This means I can supervise and give you up to the minute posts, all at the same time (all while tanning a little too:-). Today's play time...Bubbles. It is no longer fun to blow bubbles. You must blow them, chase them, re-catch them, and put them back into the bottles. With such a system perfected, we may never have to buy bubbles again. :-D.
She got one too, however, Brooks was the original inventor of this game
It's tricky to get it back in, without popping!
"Ardee", as the kids always call her, playing outside with us! She's still in her pj's 'cause I haven't got around to changing her into her clothes yet. Such is life. It's only 10:30...I've got time, right? :-)
Sonny, obsessed with climbing up the steps, unable to climb back down. This boy likes to run away (to the road), so you have watch him like a hawk. Thankfully none of the others have ever been so inclined.
Jack, in a little mood after tripping. All better now, and back to riding bikes!
Grey is still sleeping, so he's missing out on all the action this morning!

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