Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Instead of posting more gross, ugly, fixing plumbing pictures I thought I'd post some inspiration we are drawing from, as we put this room together!

We knew we needed to save space in the entry way area, and at least give the allusion of a larger room, and we decided a bowl sink would be the best way to maximize our spaciousness. We bought this sink below. It should be delivered soon!!! Can't wait. It's chrome on the base and faucet, which is more mod than our normal style, but it was such a STEAL, that we couldn't pass it  up and decided to go for a slightly different look in that little room!
Our new sink! Should arrive in a couple days
Lighting...we will be putting recessed lighting in the ceiling (one in shower, two in room), so we just need "accent lighting" not really for the purpose of making the room brighter. We bought 2 of these at Lowes as our first choice to hang on either side of the mirror.
Brian was having minor doubts about the spacing and electrical issues, so if we can't do the 2 sconces on the sides of the mirror, this is the backup plan. We bought it, since we saved 10% off that whole bill, and will just return either of the two choices that don't work out.
We are doing some modern-ness, but pulling it back a little, with some of the features of the room (like the style of the mirror, etc). We are thinking of doing shelves, similar to this pic above the toilet...for towels. Glass or wood...we haven't decided yet
Source: via Darla on Pinterest

I don't want a towel bar beside the sink, just a hand towel ring, like this one. We have bath towel hooks on the back of the bathroom door, so we don't need a towel bar I'm thinking!
Source: via Darla on Pinterest

See that tall cabinet way in the back? We will be building a similar 'floating' cabinet (a bit narrower and not quite as deep), for storage purposes. It'll have a solid door. Since we don't have a vanity, we'll need to keep things in there. This will go in between the toilet and the sink. We are still keeping the linen closet in that room too, which has storage in it as well, obviously.
Source: via Darla on Pinterest

Right beside the sink, on the other side, on the wall, we will put floating shelves, again, either glass or wood, they have yet to be purchased. This will serve more for practical purposes than decorative. Just so we have a place to set the curling iron, makeup, etc, that we are using, since there isn't anyplace around the sink to set anything down. Loving the look below...

So what do you think? We're on our way for sure! We have settled on a travertine floor that we can afford, and travertine in the shower surround too. We want to keep it clean, fresh and simple in there, so the only thing I am not 100% decided on yet is paint. A clean shade of white, or a really pale crisp colour? I have a feeling, if we go for wood in some places, we will likely make it dark (my fave), and then we'll do a white. But if we go with glass in a lot of places, we'll do a colour. But WHICH colour? Love the look of dark brown and turquoise together, and the sink is that colour, so maybe something pale turquoise? I've got my thinking cap on!

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  1. absolutely love the inspiration pictures! your bathroom will look wonderful.