Monday, May 2, 2011

Brooks is 4! - Video

Happy Birthday to the son of my youth (as I like to refer to him...since he was born while I was still in my 20's! I think he likes the title, every time I call him this, he has gets a contented grin on his face. But I digress...:-). It's hard to believe it was four long years ago when that little boy decided to make his hurried entrance into the world. Those years have flown by, as the years are tending to do these days.

Eating his chosen birthday cereal
Here is the last video I ever took of him while he was still 3 (a few days ago). Daddy taught him how to box/spar, and he wanted me to "coach" him along in a similar way. He walked up to me, asked me to put out my hand, and starting hitting it! He kept telling me I had to push him on the head to knock him back. I wasn't really doing it like Dad does though:-) What a fun boy! Take a look...he's going to be a tough boy...and very accomplished in all kinds of sports too (we hope!).


  1. Happy Birthday Brooks! We hope your day was great! :)

  2. Does this mean we get the little cutie in Jr. Church now? I hope so:) Happy Birthday Brooks.