Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just another Wed.

Last night was the Cubbies graduation! Next year Kenna will be in Sparks, and Brooks in 4/5 yr old Cubbies. With all the crazies around the house, I forgot to grab my camera as I left, so I didn't get any pics. (This one taken by Kaye, stole from facebook). Kenna was hamming it up, waving to everyone from the stage, sweetly, yet dramatically. What? You mean all these people aren't here to see ME? She'll be great at theater:-)
The reason I forgot the house is DESTROYED!
All the new lighting is wired up, and we're putting in a FAN! We didn't have one at all before!

Some plumbing re-workage.  I don't really have any idea what I am looking at here, but Brian said the way the toilet was hooked up was ridiculous, almost like it hadn't originally been there or something. He has it a little better now I guess. Replacing lots of OLD cast iron pipes.
Brian's super excited about the body sprays in the shower, they're all plumbed in!

The sink is being delivered on Tues, and the body sprays on Wed-ish. We have a long weekend coming up (YES!), so I am sure we'll pick out our tile and get the drywall up. Tonight the remainder of the subfloor is going down, and new toilet hooked up so we can potty at home again:-)

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  1. Bathroom is looking great. Can't wait to see the finished product.