Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day - Part 2

If you count the phases in the bathroom remodel by trips to Lowes or Home Depot...this is phase 462. Or so it feels like...:-) It's coming along very well...

A new crawl space access point was created for easily fixing future plumbing issues. Trap door thingy is being made to cover the hole.
This is what happens when you leave children with their food, and go to help hang drywall...he could reach the linen drawer, and it wasn't closed tight. He decided to wear a few towels.
Plumbing is all in, and no leaks! Lighting and fan are in, and work. That room had never been grounded before, so it was a little ordeal to get everything grounded and squared away. Thankfully we have an expert at our disposal. Drywall and durock are being cut and hung. It's coming along folks!! We're very anxious! I checked on the shipping status of everything we ordered online (sink & body sprays), and they should be here tomorrow!! So we have a toilet and a tub...we can't use the shower portion quite yet (and only the tub if we don't splash!)

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  1. AH HA! I love how he's trying to take a drink THROUGH the towel instead of trying to move it! :D