Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Destruction

Monday night - more demo. Empty out vanity and medicine cabinet, remove everything including toilet, and we discovered a small crack/leak. New toilet goes on the list. Begin more demo! ...Break a pipe, have water shooting all around the room. Shut off water to entire house, Brian - go to Lowes, exchange tub for a non-cracked one, and pick up a little plumbing piece to replace the broken one. Darla - go get pizza. Back home - fix plumbing, turn water back on, continue with the demo...
Enlist the help off all our tall friends:-) Thank you Jordan and Tom! It went much faster with you here! I send the kids over to Jack's house for a couple hours, it was easier to get things done without all their under-foot excitement:-)
Ready for a dump run!
The only thing you can recognize here is the window!
the little white pipe at the bottom of pic is the one that broke (now replaced!)
Here's where the sink and mirror go!
So today, I have spent the day not only with no tub, but with no toilet either! Can I say, we would not be able to do this (at least not like this!) if it weren't for our dear Lauren next door, letting us use her toilet & shower. It's like going to a bathhouse while camping! :-)

Tonight is Tues - we'll aim to get the rest of the floor cut out and the subfloor in, the new toilet & tub installed, and some other plumbing/pipes and electrical issues worked out and changed around (or started on anyway).

A huge blessing we are very grateful for...no termites! Thank you Lord!

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