Thursday, May 5, 2011

Princess Cake

A cake for Addison, turning 5. Her request is for a princess cake! Her favourite is vanilla cake, with vanilla icing (easy!).

For those interested in the process...I baked four 9in square cakes, and four 7in square cakes. I then cut a little triangle from wax paper to use as a guide for cutting the edges off (so they'd all be the same angle and stuff), making it slightly octagonal, or something like that. I did the same to the top layer, but I cut it down to 6x6 and then did the edges.
Covering the bottom, the top one is in the background there, waiting for it's crumb coat, and the fondant
I did not make my own fondant this time, as promised, I had enough left over from the Dog Cake endeavor, that I didn't need to. I re-coloured the leftover Dog Cake pink into purple for the tops of the turrets, and then didn't have to colour the main part of the cake, since I wanted it white. Brooks' cake next week will have me making my own for the first time, promise! (...I'm all out of fondant, so I'm forced now!)
Top tier, covered!

Planning it out!
There are a lot of little details on this cake, and it requires using royal icing. There are lots of things that can be done ahead of time. I purchased the Wilton Romantic Castle set, which gives you the plastic turrets, the door, etc. Because they are plastic, and royal icing keeps forever, you can decorate them ahead of the cake. I did not do this however, due to lack of storage/counter space. The only thing I did ahead of time was make about 300 little pink flowers (out of royal icing). I kept them on wax paper, and just peeled them off and applied to the cake today.
It's working!!

Wow. It looks pretty good!

Some of the details a little closer up!

Again, I am overall happy with the results I got. It isn't perfect, however, some of that was my fault (or, all of it is my fault...I'm the only making it, lol!). I put it all together, and that made decorating around the turrets hard to achieve. Next time I'll respect the process and not get ahead of myself, and that will make it easier. I was happy with the colours of everything, white, silver, pale pink, green and purple (with purple sugar sprinkles). It does look very romantic!

I might have to say this is the best cake I have made so far in my little cake making journey.


  1. WOW - that's *amazing*, Darla. You are unbelievable. It's like every little girl's dream cake. :)

  2. I am NOT going to show this to my girls. They would ask for one, and I am not a super mom like you ;-)

  3. Looks amazing!!! How long did all the decorating and assembling take you?

  4. This one is a little time consuming, like I mentioned in the post...
    1 hr - making 300 flowers
    1 hr - rolling, cutting, "sprinkling" all the turret tops
    a few hours of switching out cakes in the oven (only have 1 of each size). It took a normal buttercream recipe x3 to fill them all and crumb coat. (about 30 mins-45 mins)
    30 mins to roll and cover cakes in fondant.
    1.5 hrs to decorate and adhere all the flowers.

    I think thats about it! Basically it took yesterday, and today to do it, although not the entire day obviously. Its not an "easy" IS easy, it's just lots of little steps to get it right

  5. This is princess cake is incredible! Your amazing Dar.

  6. It looks great, Darla! I hope my kids never expect something like that from ME!!