Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Last night we took a little adventure downtown (in Naw-fik A-gin-yah - this is how both Kenna & Brooks list off our city and state!). Brian got a call that something went wrong/was broken at the World Trade Center (the overnight job he had a little bit ago), so we all went along to check it out, since it's right on the water. It was only going to be a 10 min fix, so we walked around the docks and looked at all the amazing boats and stuff. Some of those boats are WAY bigger than my house! One of them even had a dock on it, for smaller boats!

Norfolk has mermaids as it's city symbol, like Chicago with the cows, and Toronto with the mooses. (meese? moosen? haha). All pics taken on my phone.
Whenever we see a mermaid, they want a pic with it!

It's a canon! No Kenna, it's not really real, it's just pretend. "Daddy's building" is the one with all the windows you can barely see on the left edge of pic (in the foreground).
Boats! We even saw a few with Canada flags. When Brian was done he joined us. We dreamed about the fun of living on an awesome boat for awhile. Not forever, just for like, a year. It would probably get old after that, but it seems pretty cool, different, and fun! I don't know the first thing about boats, we'd likely drown.

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