Monday, May 23, 2011

Pretty Dresses

When I was little, my mom used to make all our clothes. She used to do smocking on my dresses. Not sure if it's really in style anymore, or maybe no one makes things by hand anymore...anyway, I don't think I see that much these days. When I was little, lots of my dresses had smocking on them. It's so pretty!

I recently found (hanging in my closet) a yellow dress that I used to wear when I was Kenna's age. I thought I had a pic of me in that exact dress, but it seems I don't. Here is me, age 5, in a smocked dress, made by my mom
It kinda looks like Brooks in a dress, doesn't it?:-)
Here is Kenna, age 5, wearing one of my old dresses!


  1. and yes, smocking is still in style! Alot of my girls dresses from Gap have smocking on them!

  2. After I posted that, I did think of a few dresses Kenna's had that had smocking too, so I guess it's a timeless kind of look, really. Other than the sleeve area, that dress from the 80's looks totally fine. She was very proud to wear it (carefully) to church!

  3. I agree. I've seen the smocking. Darla, what a cutie you are. Kenna looks great in that dress.