Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Well, last year we spent Boxing Day (Canadian holiday, Dec 26th) pinning down a screaming Brooks while he got his chin stitched up. This year we spent Boxing Day...buried. There was no snow on Christmas, but it started snowing sometime in the evening. And did it ever come down! This was a storm that uniquely came up from the south, instead of down from the north. And it dumped on us! Much more snow (twice as much!) as we got last year in a storm, which was a record in this area. We skipped church...for lots of reasons. 1) We don't own a shovel (we used our kitchen broom, lol). 2) We own, but can't find our car scraper. 3) We can't afford to replace our car right now, should someone hit us. 4) Church comes too was still snowing big time when we would have had to leave. A state of emergency was declared (naturally), and they had snow plows etc sent down from the north to help clear the roads.
Around 11am. The tree is weighed down to the ground, heavy with snow

11am. We have 10 inches in normal spots, more than that in some areas. By the end of it all, there was well over a foot of snow everywhere.
This bush normally goes all the way up to our big window. It's literally ground level now, under heavy, wet snow
Aw. Cute!
Brian was itching to get out and drive all day. Finally around 7pm he decided we were too low on milk, and he wanted a movie, so he *must* go out. I told him everything would be closed. He didn't believe me. Guess what? EVERYTHING was closed. He tried 3 stores:-), and redbox was virtually empty, so he came home defeated. He loves to drive in the snow! He got stuck for 30 mins on our own street on his way home. Haha.

Snowy day activity - We found our'd been awol since Brian was the youth pastor at church...he left it in the youth room...that was like 2 years ago or something. We recently tracked it down, and got it back. Brian was teaching Brooks how to use the controllers and play some simple games like Mario Kart (it's a modified xbox, it has TONS of games on it, ones not even for xbox, and old *awesome* ones from the 80's)
A dusty controller. It's been YEARS since Brian's played video games. Father & son bonding now. Brooks loved it, but was not very good at it. Still a little young!

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  1. sounds like a fun day!! We walked around the neighborhood for a bit and then watched movies at the Flood's until 2:00am!! haha