Monday, December 27, 2010

Along the Road 2010

 Along the Road - posts from 2010

Corn syrup and peanut butter mixed together tastes amazing - from my Papie Kennedy/my Dad

Knowing how to use Excel well is a very necessary and useful skill - from my Dad

A beautiful centerpiece is essential for the proper presentation of a table at nice meal - from my Grandma Shantz

How to cut in butter without a pastry blender - from my Mom

Usually, it's just better to do things properly the first time - realized from my own do-overs, over the course of 30+ years

Washing windows with vinegar and newspaper cuts down on streaks - from my Mom

When people make mistakes that cost you money, count that as the cost of training them. Why turn over the responsibilities to a new person, who could also make that exact mistake. - from a former boss

A wife can throw more money out the back door with a teaspoon, than the husband can bring in the front door with a shovel. - from my Grandma Shantz/Great Grandma Shantz

Calling gross food by a special name and forbidding it will entice children to eat it happily - from my Grandpa Shantz

Learn wisdom when you are young. Others have paid a high price for it through their experiences, and they will give it away for free - from my parents

Expectations ruin a lot of life's potential joys. Learn to be grateful and content, whatever situation you encounter - from my parents

Milk in Campbell's tomato soup is way better than water - from Grandma Kennedy

Always keep a clear conscience - from Bill Gothard

Think about a subject and everything you know about it, and then consider this: you might be wrong - from my husband

Work harder, and more efficiently, than everybody else - from my Dad

Never use sour goats milk as a replacement for sour cows milk - from my Mom

Don't sit on the counter tops - from Grandma Shantz


  1. don't sit on counter tops unless your Mom has a broken back and you need your shoe laces tied. from your Mom

  2. And another one you didn't grow up with... a few years ago when it came out of my mouth to your younger siblings I wondered why I had never said that before to my children. "Be lazy. Do it right the first time."