Monday, December 27, 2010

Man up, Canada

What I hate...about snow.

It takes no less than 3 hours to bundle up 2 children. And we don't even have snow boots or snow pants. Super annoying. Plus, they only want to play for 5 minutes, and then track in mountains of snow, which the baby tries to eat.

When there isn't adequate plowing, sand, or salt, the driving is horrible.

It seems like it's harder to keep the house warm than it is to keep it cool. Open the door one time and it takes hours to warm up again. It would really help if we had a house that was insulated well (or at all!), and if we had an alternate heat source, like a fireplace.

Yesterday Kenna had a complete meltdown because her mittens weren't pink or purple (to match her coat). And even though she prayed it would snow here (prayer, answered!), she told me she thinks she really likes the beach. The novelty wears off fast.

I'm really glad I don't own a shovel...I then, don't have to shovel...I can just wait a few days until it melts!

On the plus side, it's so pretty. And I do love skiing, sledding and skating...and reminiscing about the worst storms we've driven through.

A friend commented on my facebook status a few weeks ago (I was complaining about the weather:-), and he told me to "Man up, Canada"...laughing!...but I don't wanna!


  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one! After about time number three yesterday of in and out, I told the boys "NO MORE" You're staying inside. Mean Mommy!

  2. BTW, this is Lori. What's up with my name thingy? You know i expect an answer of how to fix this from you!:) ha!

  3. come on! 3 hours - 2 kids! You are exaggerating! You can do it in 2 minutes.

  4. LOL. Now even Lehman is making fun of me, haha. Greeeaaat.