Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to All!

We spent this year's Christmas quietly at home. I was blessed to be invited to go with a friend to the Lion King (Amazing!) on the 23rd. And then the holidays begin! Quiet, with just us, but fun! Brian had to work on the 24th, so we spent the day cleaning and getting ready for Christmas! We've had a really fun and relaxing day together.
Nothing says I'm ready for Christmas like a Mickey Mouse tattoo:-)
Lots of cards!
Lauren (Brian's sister), came over after her night shift to open gifts with the us. Here are a few pic with some of the spoils of the day.
Brooks' newsboy/poor boy hat was from Auntie Noni (Lauren). The kitchen set was given to them by a little girl from church who outgrew it and thought they would take good care of it for her. They love it!
First Christmas!
Hat, again:-), Calgary Flames jersey from Grandma K, and a beach ball globe (aka treasure map)
Playing with his toys:-)
A new outfit and boots!

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