Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Letter & Pictures

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It's that time of year again! Time to hand out those Christmas cards! I'm ahead of the game this year, all that's left to do is buy stamps for Canada. I only have 2 pictures 'ready for print' right now, I'll post more when I get them! To see all our pictures, in a "music, video" format click here and enjoy.
Amazing pictures taken by our friends and photographers, Ben & Joy!
Merry Christmas!
Bolger Year In Review 2010

Life is moving on at such a rapid rate – so don’t blink, or you’ll miss it all! For more Christmas pictures, stories, kid quotes and fun, please follow us day by day, at darbyjane.blogspot.com

January – Loving our time in Alberta visiting family, but missing Brian, who left early. Brooks is recovering from the stitches in his chin (incident on Dec 26th). Darla flying home, pregnant, with two kids, an overnight layover in Montreal, and unable to bring carry-ons larger than an 8.5x11 piece of paper (due to terror threats). Brian purchasing and installing the greatest Christmas gift ever…a dishwasher! Darla is still babysitting Jack at his house each day.

February – Darla turned 31, and pretty much napped the entire month away because she was hugely pregnant! Darla says it’s a girl, Brian says boy! The kids refer to the baby as Shaughnessy (girls name). We got our second beta fish, Sushi, and it snowed some real snow in Virginia Beach...for the first time since we’ve been here!

March – Kenna turns 4 years old! Brian’s family visits, and our wonderful son, Lleyton Gregory David (Grey) is born. He was 9lbs5oz, and his third name is his namesake – Darla’s Dad. He’s the best baby, and completely adored. And let’s not forget, he’s soooo cute!

April – Darla’s Grandma Shantz is diagnosed with cancer. After a little ‘maternity’ break from babysitting, we are back to Jack’s house! Brian is working lots, small side projects keep him busy on top of his regular job (Superintendent at a commercial contracting company). We all love having a little baby again. Can’t get enough of that baby fresh smell! Brian gets a new phone, the Motorola Droid. He is in love.

May – Brooks turns 3 years old, and Brian turns 31. Grey turns two months old and weighs 15.6lbs! Our little sumo wrestler:-) Darla buys (and eats) Hamburger Helper for the first time in her life. She is in love!

June – Jack is on summer break, so we are too! Lots of visitors, beach days, and fun times. Brian’s sister Lauren buys the house 2 doors down from us… and we love our new neighbor! Brian and Darla celebrate 7 years of wedded bliss.

July – more out of town visitors and fun times! Kenna’s first experience with VBS was cut short by her getting strep…and then Darla getting it! Brian continues to work extra side projects and gives 100% to his regular job. Our 2nd beta fish died. We are on a break from fish for awhile.

August – Darla drives 12+ hours to Ontario alone with the 3 kids, to visit Grandma Shantz. Grey gets sick while there, with a double ear infection. Grey begins to take a bottle, Darla is so glad! We get to meet our little cousin/niece, Mattea, for the first time! Darla’s brother and his wife have their first baby, Vienna Eden. And we get to spend time with our little cousin/nephew, Marshall, for the second time this year. Darla’s sister is expecting baby #2 in March.

September – Darla resumes babysitting Jack each day (he is 3), at her own house this time, and also started watching Sonny (he is 8 months old). We began home educating with a kindergarten curriculum for the 3 older kids each day. They are doing very well with learning to read and math concepts for each being technically too young for school. Darla’s sister-in-law is expecting baby #2 in April.

October – Darla’s Grandma passes from her temporary home, and into her eternal one. She was a wonderful lady and will be greatly missed by all her family and friends. Brooks invented a word – Dallerd. We use it all the time, it’s just sooo…dallerd. We had a fun time dressing up for a “Fall Ball” on the 31st.

November – Darla is still selling Stampin’ Up and holding classes each month. She finishes this years Christmas cards in record time! The kids are growing and healthy, Grey is 8 months, 28 inches and 22.8lbs (& off the charts!). Brooks is in the 50% height & 77% weight for his age, and Kenna’s in the 15% & 37% for her age. Soccer season ends, and the weather is starting to cool off a little. A welcome break from a very long and hot summer. We get our yearly pictures taken, and Brian’s family comes to Virginia for Thanksgiving.

December – We have so much planned for the Holidays…right here in Virginia. Due to an increased workload for Brian (fiscal and physical year ends make for a busy month at his company), we aren’t traveling this season. We hope to avoid anymore holiday accidents (stitches), and we hope to start off 2011 refreshed and ready to go!

Fun, Impressive and Scary Facts in 2010

Diapers changed = 2542 by Darla, 4 by Brian. (Very conservative estimate. A closer # might be Darla, 2784; Brian, 2:-)
Traveled on vacation = 4558 miles or 7335 kilometers!!
Consumed = 53 lbs of spaghetti/pasta, 832 slices of homemade pizza, 250+ freezies,
Cell phone minutes used = 14763 minutes by Brian, 2703 minutes by Darla (as of Nov 15th)
Ladder injuries = 1, Prescriptions = 3, Band-aids = 1/2 box, Cough drops = 4 bags, Cavities filled = 3.

We love you all, and are grateful for all your friendship, help and prayers this past year. As we charge through life, we make sure to take time every day to slow down and realize God’s faithfulness, provision and grace in our lives. We are very grateful for each of the blessings we experience, and don’t take a single day for granted! We wish you all the best in your upcoming busy year, and hope you take the time to pause and thank God for his goodness too!

Merry Christmas! Brian, Darla, Kennedy, Brooks & Lleyton Grey


  1. Love the pictures. Great letter. I am exhausted just reading it!

  2. i totally agree with molly....very exhausting but fufilling year!! :) and AWESOME pics!! Brooks is becoming studly and beautiful kenna's hair is SOO long and Grey's smile in the 2nd pic is the BEST! Of course, you and Brian don't look a day older than when we moved away...you both look great, and are great examples! hardworking...fun-loving...and a great mom & dad team :) miss you guys :)
    the simmons crew

  3. Loved the card! feel so privileged that i got one in real life.Can't figure out how to follow you on your blog, but i love it.