Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa Claus

This Christmas has been a first. The kids have become aware (via tv shows and other kids), that there is a Santa Claus. So we've explained the whole story of the man in history, and now we dress up as Santa, but most of the story is fake/false. He doesn't bring you presents, etc. And then we were given an opportunity to go to a "toys for tots" type of event, where you bring a new unwrapped toy, and get either a tree or wreath in exchange. And Santa was going to be there.

Of course, as a good mom, I must educate my children on the proper Santa Claus etiquette. Even though it's not real, Santa might ask you want you want for Christmas, so you have to say something, blah blah blah. You definitely won't get it from Santa, and you might not get it at all, it's just a game, sort of. I just didn't want them to not know what was going on. Or everyone looking at me like I'm a bad mom because my kids have never seen Santa before (ever. Crazy right).

Kenna tells me "I am going to ask Santa for some new colouring books, 'cause I am running low, and this might be my only chance to get more" (mental note. Easy gift!)

Brooks decides he will ask for a Dragon. Very nice. But remember, we aren't getting what we asked for! He changed his mind waiting in line and decided to go for a skateboard instead. (still not happening. Accident waiting to happen with that boy!)

And here are reasons number 1 & 2 of why we've never seen Santa before...I hate waiting in lines longer than 30 minutes. And I hate over-paying for memories. Thankfully the first shot was free in this case. Additional prints were $10 each. Good heavens. I'm a cheapskate at heart, I'm coming to find out.

Christmas 2010. Kenna and Brooks' first time to see a Santa in person. And then obviously the first time they got to sit on his knee.

Our wreath, in exchange for our unwrapped toys. Our real estate agent puts on this event each year. It's a lot of fun! There was food, music, games, face painting and balloons, all ending with a Santa picture!

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