Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Day!

Well, when you grow up in Canada, there is almost no circumstance which should require schools to close. I remember VERY few snow days. I should have grown up here! A snow day was called, so we got an unexpected day off (both Sonny & Jack have 1 parent that is a teacher). I was able to finish off the last of the Christmas shopping, yay! At least it actually DID snow...sometimes they worry too much and cancel school and nothing happens!
In the snow yet, but still a little left from last week. Global warming? I think not.

And it started to come down around 10am or so! Good coverage everywhere.

Then it started raining, and so it's all heavy, wet, icy snow. But there was a bit of accumulation, as you can see. It's melting very rapidly today!

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