Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Ramblings

Well, my camera is finally on the fritz. I guess I shouldn't say finally, since I was really expecting it to last forever, j/k! My parents gave it to us in 2005, so I suppose it's had quite a good life for a digital camera? A few days ago, I noticed lines starting to appear in all my pics, and no matter how I tried, I couldn't get the light balance accurate, and it's never had a problem with this before. Very 'point & shoot' and easy! The auto focus seems off too, everything looks like I've taken a full-motion pic, even when everything is completely still. I spend an hour last night, and took TONS of pics, fiddling around with every setting, and to no avail. It seems it's breaking:-(

So until I buy another one, please bear with the fuzzy crazy pics. I'll try to use my phone camera more often, I think it does a better job at this point than my regular one, and the video camera also takes pics, which aren't the bestest, but better than what I'm getting otherwise!

If anyone local hears of a sale on cameras, let me know! I don't even know what I'm in for, since it's obviously been forever since I've even looked at one.

I took no less than 20 pictures of this, before I got one that actually showed the decor in the middle

School Boy!

Cutting practice

Kenna's Christmas handywork

And Brooks! I wish the pics were clearer so you could see how he writes his name at the top of the page. Hilarious.


  1. Darla do you have a setting for the aperature? It looks like the shutter is a little slow hence the over exposure and fuzziness, If you can change it to a higher number it means the shutter will speed up and maybe solve the problem. It's worth a try!

  2. I have an ISO setting? would that be it? I have exposure, ISO, Super macro, manual, and Drive speed. It's a pretty simple camera, not too many things to choose from:-/

  3. If you can change the ISO I would say increase it because that will hopefully change the shutter speed at the same time automatically.

  4. I made a mistake with the aperature, for future reference it doesn't influence the shutter speed just how much the lense opens. The higher the aperature the more light is let in, so you would have wanted to turn it down!!! lol Maybe Kari would be a better future reference ;)

  5. Cute stuff! I loved watching the kids cut when they were little. I just read Bridget most of the funny things your kids have said. I now can't breath! My favorite is, "why does the whole world smell like crap!"