Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting Big!

I plunked him down in his carseat. No relaxing here! I think he's officially outgrown it!
So Cute!
I've been squishing him into the 6 month clothes, assuming 9mo. would still be too big for him. My sister gave him this adorable onesie - in a 9mo. size. Fits him well! Time to get out all those "big" clothes for the little guy!!

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  1. Carter's only had about 2 pairs of shorts plus a few rompers (or whatever you call them) for all of summer. I pulled out Eli's old 9-12 month bin and there's TONS of stuff in there that fits Carter perfectly! Short-sleeve T's, onesies, and shorts and jackets and everything! I had no idea 9-12 stuff would fit him already! And he's nothing big like your little guy!