Friday, August 27, 2010

Grandparents Etc

This is farmhouse where my Grandma, and her sister, were raised. We ate dinner each night with my Great Aunt Elinore (my Grandma's sister), she did an amazing job of keeping us fed!
The barn and silo. It's looking really good, the current owners have done a lot of improvements it looks like
Kenna and her Great Grandma
Brooks and his Great Grandpa
Visiting my Grandpa's brother, Eldie & his wife Shirley...they are the kids Great-Great Uncle & Aunt!
Grandma is currently undergoing treatment for cancer
Grey really liked her! And Kenna thought it was neat that my Grandma also had a son named Gregory. My Uncle Greg was killed in an industrial accident when he was 18 years old. I was only 18 months old at the time.
With the great grandkids!
Add Marshall in there! This was the day after Vienna was born, so we are missing two great granddaughters from this pic (Mattea & Vienna)
A four generation picture
Grandpa with all his great grandsons (EDIT - All the grandsons from my mom's branch of the family - Jackson, my cousins little boy would have made it ALL the great grandsons)
My mom with baby Grey.
Mom with all the grandchildren that were there that day


  1. So nice to "see" the family you talked so much about. I'm sure they appreciated the time you took to drive the crazy hours to get here.

  2. Such cute photos...I think you're forgetting about Jackson, though. ;)

    It was really nice seeing everyone!

  3. true true!! Well, I should have clarified...I meant the great grandchildren (grandsons), from my mom's branch of the fam (my siblings)...being 3 boys and 3 girls for now. Lauryn's baby will be the tie breaker!