Sunday, August 8, 2010

All About Kenna

Kennedy is 4.5 years old now! She is not really supposed to start school until the fall of 2011, but we are starting her a year early this September. We are planning to home school for the foreseeable future, so there seems like no reason to put it off when she is more than ready. She is a take charge type of personality, but has a genuine love and concern for people. She loves to be helpful to adults, and is quite capable of many things you would not suspect for a 4 year old (she loves to do laundry, with a little help loading it up in the machine). She is quite crafty/artsy. She loves to draw, and her people have recently graduated from heads with arms and legs, to "real people" with bodies, hair, ears etc. We adore her kind heart and spunky attitude!

Kenna is like...

looks - like Daddy/Aunt Ann

opinionated eater - like Daddy

take charge and bossy - like Mommy

hates having her hair done - like Aunt Lauryn/Aunt Maryn as young girls

sassy comments - like Mommy as a girl

left-handed - like Aunt Jillaine

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  1. She is just a little doll! I love this little girl so much! She can always make me smile.