Friday, August 27, 2010


While in Kitchener, we stayed with an old friend. Brian and I used to work with Debi, when we worked/lived in Chicago, and she married Ben...who, as it turns out, is my 5th cousin. So funny. Anyway, it was really great to reconnect, it's been years (like 9 or so), since we've seen each other. They were awesome hosts to put us up, and have us coming and going and pulling out all the toys at any (and every) hour. We had a good time, and I was very grateful to have a place for the kids to be themselves instead of always being hush hush quiet at Grandma's house.
He loves the jumperoo!
So cute!
I really have no idea what happened to Brooks' shirt at this particular moment. ?. Anyway, my kids, Brent's son, Marshall, and Debi's kids, Carter and Larissa. Quite the crew!
Brooks loved Larissa!

Love those kids!

Pretty girl


  1. We loved, LOVED, having you guys here. I just feel like I hardly did any good "hosting" while you were here...considering the best - and only - meals prepared were kraft dinner, spaghetti, and tacos. I really appreciate your flexibility with the accommodations and am loving the gifts you left!

  2. Oh, and in Brooks' defense, he'd recently woken up from a nap, and since I was the one "on duty" during that time, probably my fault I didn't have him put one on once he woke up. Oops! =)