Friday, August 13, 2010

Train Cake

It's Jack's birthday party tomorrow (the little boy I babysit) - he's turning 3! His mom asked me if I would make him a cake - and he's into trains. I got some inspiration from the Wilton site. They have a cake pan you can buy...but it's not very big, so I decided to try and make my own. I had some moments of doubt and panic in there, but it turned out acceptably, I think. A little 'homemade' looking, as it's ever so slightly lopsided, but not bad. This was actually my very first time to stack cakes and have a filling. It was all theory I've actually done it!
You have to start off with a cake pan, greased with shortening and flour. I used the same pan each time, so that they would all be identical sizes, making it easier for me to stack and shape
This is what you need. Or so I thought. I had to get a few more ingredients, as it took 1 more cake box and 1 more batch of icing than I had expected. The cake and caboose are made of 4 cake mixes! The 5th one is for the cupcakes, that the caboose will carry (with extras, to feed 40 people)

The cake is a yellow cake mix, filled with raspberry buttercream icing (Jack's mom does not like chocolate at all!). I didn't get any pics of that or the crumb coat, because I was so into it, I forgot.
The little caboose, which will hold some cupcakes
At the party, I will attach them together with a licorice piece
Kinda cute, right? I'm happy with it. Even in my lack of experience, I am very perfectionist, so the lopsided thing bothers me. The caboose was way easier than the train, and it's more crooked. Oh well.
When we cook our dinner tonight I will throw on those 24 cupcakes and we'll be 100% done!


  1. Love it Darla! It looks great!

  2. I don't know what's more impressive,this incredibly cute cake or the fact that you did it while mothering 3 little ones!