Thursday, August 5, 2010

My roots are showing

It's been a long time since anyone has called me blonde. A lot of this has to do with my being so dang old now, I'm sure I've matured to a great extent, and no longer do dumb things. Or perhaps this is wishful thinking. It might be due in great part to the fact that I spend most of my time with toddlers, and of course, I am infinitely more intelligent than they are (aren't I?). Sometimes I do wonder who is smarter than who around here. Perhaps my super smart husband is rubbing off on me...but even in his brilliance, he can never find his keys, so it's likely not that either...

I think it's probably because when you move to a new place, you can sort of re-invent yourself into anything you want I guess. When you are from a certain place your whole life and never move (like me, until I married), people just know you too well. And feel comfortable calling you out when you do dumb stuff:-) So since I spend 95% of my time alone with children, and the other 5% with people who are dupped into thinking I am really on the balll - I will go ahead and call myself out on a dumb blonde thing. No one would ever know if I didn't say...but where would the fun be in that? :-)

I adore my dishwasher so much. Every day, I load it, and marvel at the amount of time-savings I have been blessed with, since it's installation in January. And the counter space gained, since I no longer need a dish rack out constantly. And I just love it. Except for one thing...the cutlery rack. It has these pre-shaped holes in it, and my cutlery doesn't fit in the holes. So one of the racks is always jam packed full, and the other is basically empty, with only a few things sticking out of it that would fit.

For months now, I've been wishing I didn't have to deal with that basket. Last week it hit me. Yes, I know...DUH, right? That's why it's called a blonde moment:-) I simply removed the top with the pre-shaped holes. Now I have 2 baskets, the same, and both perfectly functional. Wanna know the funniest part? Both of the baskets came with this top on them, and I removed one right away. For some reason I thought I was "stuck" with the second one as it came...once the thought came to me, I laughed. I'm just that smart, lol. And now I am completely and totally happy with my perfectly perfect (and personalized:-) dishwasher.

Just in case you're like me and need a visual - Here's the discarded top thingy!

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