Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School Starts!

Well, we've entered into the world of home schooling! We'll see how this adventure goes, and perhaps monthly I will try to update with what we're doing. We have successfully completed day 2!

Kenna, Brooks and Jack all "do school" at their various levels of competency, and Sonny and Grey take their morning naps! (Jack is 3, Sonny is 8 months -they are not related - their parents are school teachers, so I have them every day from about 7:45 to 4:00. I had Jack last year, but this is the first time for Sonny - his parents were in a bit of a bind to find someone to watch him, and I think it will work out fine - so far so good!). It's been fun so far, of course the novelty has not yet worn off:-)

This is what I set out ahead of time. We are working out the kinks these first few days. So far, it hasn't taken quite as long, and we've been done by 10:45
I'm using a variety of things - Hooked on Phonics, A Beka, and various library/"home made" things for some of the social studies things etc.

Their cubbies. Brooks is blue, Jack is green. They will be keeping everything in there they need. Jack is potty training, so he has some undies stacked up - just in case:-)
Playing a colour game, where I name a colour, and they have to find the colour and draw something that is that colour. Of course Jack and Brooks do "scraggles" (Brooks' term), but Kenna is getting good with drawing various objects
We are learning about calendars and birthdays this month. We made Happy Birth Day cards for our new cousin!

Kenna's writing practice!


  1. Wow, that's so impressive, Darla! I like the idea of starting a year early, then there's less pressure, you can figure out how things work before Kindergarten actually begins.

  2. and then they'll be reading "early" too, in theory. Right now we are still working on all the letter sounds, but they have them pretty good. It won't be long before we start putting letters and sounds together, and reading!!

  3. SO impressive! Love reading this. Gives me ideas for our future!