Saturday, August 28, 2010

Waterloo Park

Tatum (my 1st cousin) & Kenna, playing Barbies
Brooks and Holden (my 1st cousin). Holden is nine months older than Kenna, but he's very tall!
Chantelle (sis-in-law), Beccy (mom), Caralyn (aunt) and Me! - for those that know our true heights, note that we were on a pretty steep hill, and I was at the top :-)
Ever seen one of these? Ontario is home to the black squirrel. They are my fave colour, for a squirrel:-)
We met up with a friend and my aunt at the park. Kenna and Jeremiah were holding hands:-)
Intending to take a pic of the goat...but my camera focused on the fence instead. I rarely get such artistic shots on my simple little camera, so I thought I would post it!
Feeding a maple leaf to a goat - against the signs that said "don't feed the animals" :-)
After my Aunt and 2 of her kids left for home, we visited the petting zoo and got this pic! Lauren used to be in our homeschooling group growing up, and I used to babysit her! Now she has 3 kids, Will, Jeremiah and Naomi. It was great to reconnect for an afternoon, and the kids had a blast!

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