Friday, September 3, 2010


It's a random Friday...and I'm tired! I am planning to throw a mega baby shower for a friend at church. She is the Pastor's daughter in law. I was intending a quiet, intimate party. But in fact, there are 150 invitations going out! My goodness! So, a friend and recruited co-baby-shower-planner came over to help assemble them last night. Success. I already had 40 done, and we finished the rest. We were also tracking Hurricane Earl, and talking (our husbands were also present in the livingroom, so there was plenty of conversation). We didn't get to bed until 2am, and Earl decided not to show. Not as a hurricane anyway. We got a teeny bit of rain, and wind that was so not notable, I will not even mention it. It wasn't even as bad as a regular rainstorm! (In our area, The Outer Banks of NC are fairing much worse)

Tired, today. Chocolate Caramel Mocha (decaf) coffee, with whipped cream and caramel drizzle makes me feel just fine! Even decaf has *just enough* caffeine in it to lift my spirits (and eyelids)
If I had to describe myself in a word, it would be Exceedingly Horrible Self-Portrait Taker. Ok, so that is 4 words. Or maybe 5, depending on how you count a hyphen:-) I have never been able to figure out the technique, and not for lack of trying. Anyway, my hair has gotten wavier with each baby, and today, I decided to embrace it, and try to keep it curly/wavy. I don't have any hair products to accomplish this, at the moment, other than Brian's hair gel, so I used that. Anyway, I was happy enough with the results to add curly hair products to my shopping list and give a try in the future.

And after taking 22 pictures of the ceiling, the shower and my neck, I gave up on trying to capture the new look. And I am not kidding, it really was 22.
The side/back. This was hard to do, so appreciate it:-)
Yah, I know. I'm a loser:-) Flash off. On first glance though, when looking at this dark and hazy pic, I thought I looked like my sister Lauryn. We don't really look that much alike, so maybe I am crazy, but that was honestly my first thought.
Darn, forgot to un-zoom it. And I give up! I wasn't able to capture it as I wanted, but the whole process gave me a laugh anyway!


  1. uhhh....that is what husbands are take your picture lol

  2. uh, yah. Well when I do my hair at 10am, and he won't be home until after 5...and I am unsure if it will last that long...but it did anyway, and he commented on it. By saying "are you using my gel?" oh where's the love? HAHA! He liked it though, so I'll have to do it again and have him take a proper pic. I thought it would be no biggie to just do it myself - all the teens on facebook do it. Obviously I am long past teen years, since I can't do it:-)

  3. Looks great, Darla, totally embrace the curl! I'm lovin' Herbal Essence Totally Twisted gel, and btw, the right gel does wonders - I used Ben's mousse and it didn't work well at all. I know what you mean on self-portraits. I finally started using the timed delay on my camera for self-portraits and that helps a lot!

  4. Looks great Darla! With the humidity you guys get your hair should certainly do well curly (I know mine goes awfully curly in humidity). Great look, I look forward to seeing more accurate photo's ;)