Monday, September 6, 2010

Labour Day Weekend

We've had a fun weekend, and it's not quite over yet! Yesterday, we were invited to go for lunch and swimming at some people's house in the area...Brian has done some work for them, and struck up a friendship, so the kids and I went along to meet them and have some fun by the pool. What a great day! Kenna was quite fearless and immediately took to swimming around with the help of floating wings and/or tubes (they got for Christmas and were quite excited to use). Brooks spent most of the time in his comfort zone - the edge. He did swim around for a few minutes and did totally fine, but then got out and didn't want to anymore. He liked throwing in things for the older kids to retrieve, and actually fell in once by accident (skinned his chin and arm too). I think he just stepped back and forgot where he was. He popped up to the surface and started swimming, and we all cheered, but then he panicked and you could see it in his face, so we fished him out (he was right next to the edge). It was a very fun day!

Today we went to the beach. Trying to find parking Brooks says "this is exhaust-erating":-) It was really fun and relaxing. Grey got to sit at the waters edge and splash around for the first time. He's at that hand-to-mouth stage for everything he touches, and it was really funny to see his face while eating sand and salt water.

Something gross that washed up. Kenna thought it was coral. I didn't, it was all slimy.

Brian scooped up Brooks and ran to throw him in. I didn't realize Kenna was "posing" there in front of me:-) We went to Chicks Beach, and I love it, because it reminds me more of one of the Great Lakes - only a lot warmer! The surf is never too strong, and you can go far out, and play really nicely, without a fear of being pulled out or knocked over by a wave. Perfect for little kids, but a tad more boring for older ones (no boogie boards or body surfing). The kids had a blast!

After we got home and cleaned up from the sandy beach! It's his "Blue Steel" look :-)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Btw, hurricanes are often so over-rated (the hype anyways). We got to the point where we never "stocked up"...but, we also were never living right on the coast. I'm actually commenting b/c I noticed "laboUr" spelled the Canadian way. I've held on to my U.S. spelling completely. Long live the native tongue! =)

  2. Aren't pools fun? My friend has one and I love going there. The beach looks like fun, too. We only got to Wasaga once this year. :(