Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random Kids & Cubbies

Just a few pictures from yesterday!
What a smile! This kid is soooo happy and content. Either Brian or I will comment on his exceptional disposition at least once a day. He's the best baby!
No crawling yet, but he scooches on his bum!

Be careful when laying on floor to snap some pics! Sonny is mobile, and he wouldn't leave me alone:-) Notice in the background, Grey got Brooks' hat!

Working at the computer with Dad. And don't you love his adorable "K-e-n-n-a" bracelet.

It's Baby Ruth! He was so cute dressed up for church

This outfit was given to Brooks, and I just now took the tags off it. Brooks was the wrong size in the wrong season. Glad we have a big boy to make use of it now, it's too cute.

Last night was the second week of Cubbies. Of course they had a blast! On the way home I was asking them all the questions Moms ask...-this is to Brooks -What snack did you have? "letter cookies" what letter? "A and C" oh, what does that stand for? "I don't benember"...later on he tells me the story of "Naughty, naughty Canaan Cable" I think it might be safe to assume he was talking about Cain and Abel, haha!! I suggested as much to him, but he was pretty insistent that those were not their names. We must be talking about different people, of course :-)
Here's my Cubbie Bears! They were all ready with their books, dues, and verses!

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  1. brooks' canaan cable....hilarious! Poor kid is probably confused because some crazy people he knows named their daughter "Canaan"! :) thanks for all your posts and pictures - I really enjoy them!