Monday, September 27, 2010


It was the Neptune "Fest-uh-bull" this weekend. And you know how much we love fest-uh-bulls! We spend Sunday afternoon looking at sand castles, browsing the vendors, and eating Italian ice! As we were walking along the boardwalk, I saw what looked like a dollar bill blowing across my path, so I picked it up. It was actually $10! I looked around and no one was chasing it or looking around for appeared to have been blown up from the beach. So I kept it. I have never had money blow across my path before, so I was unsure what the ethical thing to do might be, but I figured "putting it back" would only benefit someone we kept it:-) And bought ice cream at Dairy Queen with our 'free money'.

This one was called Love Never Grows Old, and won first place (made by a single person)

This one was made by a single person too.

Kenna and her friend Grace, enjoying the Festival!

This one was made by two people

This was made by 2 people also. It is SOOO impressive what can be done with sand and water!

Kenna, Brooks, Libby & Gracie

My cuties

The perfect baby. He was just chilling the whole afternoon!

Noni (the kids nickname for Lauren) joined us too!

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