Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Favourite Things

I discovered this product while I was pregnant with Grey. I was trying not to gain any weight in the last trimester (no, not a diet...but believe me, I had gained PLENTY. And only gained about 5lbs in the last trimester, so I was pleased with that). Anyway, cutting out all pasta was definitely on the list of things to eliminate from my diet. But then I found this little gem, allowing me to have a bit of pasta, and still being a good source of protein.

It tastes way better than whole wheat pasta, which Brian and I both HATE. It takes slightly longer to cook, and has a more 'al dente' feel to it when done, but we like that. It is definitely palatable, and much more like 'normal pasta' than the whole wheat versions. We do not like the spaghetti though, it doesn't hold up to the regular stuff. Other than that, we don't notice a difference, and I often by Rotini or Farfalle (bowties), to eat 'as spaghetti', since it's easier for the kids to eat themselves.

Good source of protein, ALA Omega 3, and Fiber. Comparing:

If you want to eat pasta, this is the healthiest (while still tasting decent) store-bought option I have found!

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