Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Extras

Well, summer break is over, this means that Monday through Friday our house is very full of busy little people! Here are the "extra kids" that I talk about from time to time, or that will pop up in posts every now and again.

ARDYN aka Ardy
Ardyn will be 2 at the end of December. She is talking very well/advanced for her age, and loves to be my super little "helper" mostly going along behind me and undoing what I've just done:-) It's fun to have a girl around after all these boys! She loves babies and dogs, and is only a little bit stubborn. For the most part she is a perfect little girl, who only lets her "red haired" temper flare when the big boys won't share with her. Then it's time for them to get a piece of her mind. We have Ardyn M - F, 8:45 - 2:30ish.
SONNY aka Sonny Bunny
Sonny is two and a half, he'll be 3 at the end of January. He is talking very well, forming little sentences, and beginning to potty train, and he loves to colour pictures! He and Grey are either best buds or worst enemies, at any given moment. They have a love/hate relationship with sharing their common love of trains, train tracks, trucks and cars. As if we didn't have enough of those toys for an army of children:-) Sonny is very obedient and responsive, and loves to look out for the well being of the other kids.
MAY aka May-za, Maisy Daisy
May is Sonny's younger sister and is currently 11 months old, she'll turn 1 in October. She's my little gem because 1) she can't walk yet (although getting close) and 2) she still takes two naps a day:-) She will eat anything in sight, and much prefers real food to her bottle any day. She's a chunky monkey, so we love to smooch on her pudgies! Those cheeks are just too pinchable! She adores Kenna, and loves to be dragged around and doted on by Kenna & Ardyn. We have Sonny & May M - F, 7:45 - 4:45

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