Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby Feet

We have friends who had a baby last night, and today we took them lunch at the hospital. We can never resist going into the birthing center and checking out our footprints!
Lleyton Grey, and his paw prints
There were no babies this weekend, apparently, as both rooms were open and unoccupied. We peeked in quickly to show the kids where they got their magnificent starts!
Kenna was born in the blue room

Brooks was born in that very tub! Both Brooks and Grey were born in the pink room.
The kids enjoyed checking it all out again, it's been since Grey's birth that they've been in there! I guess I need more friends to have babies there, so we can visit more often:-) Lol. Honestly, with the easiest labours and births humanly possible x3, I definitely can say I wouldn't mind birthing another 1. Or 7. But carrying their big butts around for 40 weeks? That one puts me into a small panic mode:-)

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