Monday, September 3, 2012

East Beach - Video

Yesterday, there was a long weekend get together with the people from Brian's work. His boss owns a home on East Beach, so we had fun on the beach, then ate at Cap't Groovy's and were then scheduled to listen to the symphony, playing outdoors (at East Beach), but we got rained out by the time the symphony was to start, boo!
He is defined by ALWAYS lagging behind

I dream of East Beach...really, who wouldn't? :-)

Sand castles with Daddy

All the kids, even Grey, eventually swam out to the rocks!


Some people (we didn't know) went out into the water with nets to catch their dinner. They brought the fish to the beach, and the kids were amazed at the flopping things:-) Grey LOVED them, and even touched them! I was really surprised he had the nerve!

He looks white as a ghost, until you take off his clothes and see that he really would be as white as a ghost!

This old guy was tap dancing up a storm at Cap't Groovy's the band said he was 85 years old, and I *believe* they said his name was Dave Kennedy, which is hilarious, because that is my Dad's name. He was a hoot!

Some weird ball slinging game at Groovy's
It was the perfect day! We never would have guessed a storm would roll in, in a couple hours, cancelling the symphony part of the evening. The kids were very disappointed they wouldn't get to see all the instruments.

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