Monday, September 24, 2012

Falls here...? - Video

Well, it was a little chilly today. Don't kill me people, we had a high of 73 degrees (22C)...but there really was a chill in the breeze, with hot sun. It felt like fall. And the kids were "freezing", lol. Compared to the 90 degree weather we've been having, it did feel cold, even though I knew it wasn't...but we wore sweaters. Even I did. My Canadian self is ashamed :-) With higher temps the rest of the week, I think we'll shelve the sweaters for a bit longer now...
I am dreaming of the day I get a normal smile out of this kid. Sheesh.

gumballs! Ouch. Don't step on these babies, they hurt!
Kenna loves to do the monkey bars now, and awhile ago, Brian taught her "how", but she wasn't able to actually do it. He hasn't seen her do it yet, so we taped her on my phone. She says "hi Daddy" when she starts off:-)

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