Friday, September 14, 2012


Years ago, before we had any kids, we got a great deal...on a reclining microfiber couch, because it had a scratch on the back of it, that you have to look hard to notice.
The blemish
Even with microfiber being a "good deal"'s still microfiber. Hard to clean? Yes. Impossible to keep clean with children? Heck yes. Oops. Foresight would have been helpful. Anyway, I do wash the couch with a Spot Bot and (Spot Bot furniture) solution on a semi-frequent basis, so it's not's just stained. Any marks of liquid (water, juice etc) completely leave a mark that will not come out (even with the Spot Bot and cleaning solutions). Oh well. The couch is perfect, other than this. Looking at the ickiness in picture is actually - really really gross. We sit on that thing :-/
Big Stain #1

Big Stain #2
Enter Pinterest It seems like an idea worth trying - so I do! I used Rubbing Alcohol (the 90% one) and a brand new kitchen sponge. Thankfully, as I suspected, it really wasn't very dirty. I was sort of wondering if the yellow would be black by the end. Thank you Spot Bot for actually working! The sponge did get fairly, well, beat up & torn with all the elbow grease I was putting on it:-)
Spray rubbing alcohol on the water spots from a clean spray bottle. Rub with a clean sponge, and let dry. Water spots, gone! It's amazing!

This is the same location of Stain #1 picture. WOW.

This is a side view of #1 & #2, (1 on the top of pic, 2 at the bottom).

This is definitely a success story! Look at the difference, my couch looks almost new! These pics taken after trying/doing this cleaning 1 time. I think I may give it another go, and try to get it even better - like totally totally brand new!! This definitely works - and I did not experience any need for the bristle brush due to "crunchiness" that the lady talks about in the link. Perhaps I didn't saturate my fabric as much, or perhaps the pile on my microfiber is not a high or something. In any case. I'm impressed. Thanks Pinterest!

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