Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Met, Married, Live

I've seen a craft idea on Pinterest now for awhile, and yesterday night, during a quick browse (Brian was not home), it came up on my feed again, and I decided to go for it!

The idea is that the maps detail "We Met", "We Married", "We Live". This is perfect for us, since we're all over the place! As my sister in law pointed out...she met, married and lives all in the same location:-) In fact, this really over simplifies our complicated lives, but oh well... some people can fit their story into an 8x10...we'd need a poster board :-)

"We Met" - I choose to go with Illinois (Chicago area), for this. It's actually not true...we met in Indiana (Indianapolis). A mutual friend from back in Ontario, Matt Coleman, supposedly introduced us while I was in town for a short conference. I remember seeing Matt on that trip, and do not remember meeting his friend Brian. Brian however, definitely remembers meeting me, and in specifically vivid detail, so I know it must be true. We met again when we worked in the same dept in Chicago...I'm counting that one I guess, since we worked together there for years and got to know each other. If I had a bigger frame, perhaps I'd do both? Easy alteration someday.

It's IL, NY & VA!
"We Married" - We married in both Ontario and New York for purposes of my immigration and visa (legal hoops to jump through). I thought I would print off both ON & NY and overlap the area where we married and put the heart there, but I could not find a map of the Province that was consistent in size or colouring to the map of the other 3 States. I will keep a looking online and add it, if I can.
Quickest craft ever! I googled printable reference maps and found this site. I printed out 3 states, cut them out, used some glitter paper and a heart punch for the hearts, and a floating frame I already had sitting in a box in my closet, waiting to be used. The whole thing took about 30 minutes (and that was because I was cutting slowly/carefully), and cost me nothing out of pocket, since I had everything in my house already.

I completely adore how it turned out! When Brian came home, even he liked it:-) Yay!
A new home for the map art!

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  1. i LOVE how that turned out with the shapes of the states!! Looks so good!