Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reading - Video

A milestone today - so I just had to capture it on video. This is Brooks reading the FINAL reader for the Kindergarten reading program for the first time!...he's moving on to 1st grade reading, probably next week, after some more drills and review. (He is currently 5yrs 4mths old - remember when he started out at 3.5 yrs old? Cutie pie:-)

As goes life with 6 children ages 6 and under in the house...when you sneak away to film a quick book reading - all hell breaks loose in your absence. You will hear in the background all of the following:

May, completely losing it. It was 9:30am, and she was in desperate need of her morning nap. I thought she could wait 2 minutes to go down. She couldn't.

Sonny, shouting out "ARDYN" at one point. A screaming fight ensues a short time later.

Grey was joining in the screaming...so it was likely over a toy that could not be shared by the toddlers

Kenna, trying to take charge and control the noise. She says something like "I make the rules"...not working:-)

In the midst of it all, sweet little Brooksie trying to concentrate and get through his reader:-) He does a good job. I am kind of surprised they learn any thing at all amidst the chaos, lol:-)

May, at exactly 9:38am. She literally fell asleep in 5 seconds!

He looked too innocent upon my return

So did she...

So did he...

Drawing "on the table", fun for all ages!

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