Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday LG!

Happy First Birthday to our Grey Grey! It's hard to believe that this little guy entered the world a whole year ago! I remember during his traumatic birth actually telling myself (in my head) not to freak out, because I thought he would not live. I'm so glad God had other plans for his little life, and we get to be blessed everyday with his sweet smile and personality. I especially love that he is a "Momma's Boy", since every one else around here loves Daddydaddydaddy. It's about time Mommy got some attention! He lets big sister baby him, and big brother beat on him, almost always without complaint (well...a little bit of complaints when hit in the face with an incoming baseball. What else are brothers good for?!).

Eating his first birthday cake...with that winning smile!

Lleyton Grey,

You light up our lives!

Love, Your Forever Fan Club (Daddy, Mommy, Kenna & Brooks)


  1. Aw, love this post. He's so cute, Darla. I also adore your cookie monster cake - so fabulous. Daddy is the celebrity around here too, Larissa's first word was "DaDa", of course and she totally transitioned into a "Daddy's Girl". This gives me hope. {smile}

  2. What a sweet boy! Love his smile :) Happy birthday Grey!