Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We've been busy around here! Quick update: Brian has 2 side jobs right now (essentially kitchen remodels). One of them in particular is not going especially well, and he's pretty much swearing off all future side work. So much hassle, and in the end we don't end up coming out ahead financially. We'll see! Anyway, he works all day, and then works on his side jobs at night (& weekends), so he's usually not home until after 10pm, and also, he hasn't had a day off in over 5 weeks. No Saturdays. No Sundays (or church). Crazy! He's a hard worker, but we can't wait until we have him home a little more! He is being forced to stay home on Saturday morning, as I will be running an 8k marathon. We'll see how THAT goes! I am really not ready at all, I feel. Oh well! Might take me an eternity, but I'll finish (I hope!)

We've adjusted to our schedule with Sonny, Jack & baby Ardyn nicely. She's such a good baby, so that seems to be the key!

I am doing bookkeeping for 2 companies right now, just in a small capacity, that it only takes me about 3 or so hours per week. - Also trying to get our own taxes and such organized, and keep on top of the money for these sides jobs, no small task!

I am also trying to squeeze in some running where ever I can, to prepare for this 8k, but for lack of time, I am woefully unprepared for that kind of distance.

And then...BIRTHDAYS! We have lots of partying coming up around here! We celebrated Kenna's actual birthday yesterday, and will have another family over on Friday for cake and all that! She can't wait!

Enough are some pics!

You can see his capitals! We've taken to calling the "big teeth" capitals, ever since Kenna coined the phrase. He also hates to be fed, and only likes to feed himself. Messy Bessy, as Kenna says:-)
The "bling your eyes out" comment in the Kids Kwotes was about this. She picked these flowers from our bush and decorated the table...
After a bothersome brother "ruined it up" she had to pick more flowers and rearrange it a little
The spoils of cleaning house. Look what was under the couches (2 couches, 1 loveseat & 1 large chair). I promise you, I move them and sweep once a month. Perhaps it should be more often! Although, when you consider the amount of furniture, I suppose it isn't that bad.
Kenna likes to line up all her people and say "this is my family, Josh, Jana, John David..." etc. She likes to pretend they are the Duggars from TLC's 19 kids and counting, and names them all J names like the Duggars.

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