Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Heart Songs

I have 2 heart songs this month...since I have two precious birthdays to celebrate! One girl, and one boy! I am so very grateful that I have had the blessed opportunity of having both genders represented in our family. There is definitely a different emotion that accompanies having and raising little boys vs. little girls, and we are very glad we've had the chance to experience both! One thing they do both have in common though, they can all fill your heart with so much joy, you think it might burst!

The first one is for Kennedy. This song came out on the radio right around the time she was born. Of course when anyone has a girl, for some reason at least one person will jump forward in time and remind you of the wedding you will one day finance:-). This song is the sweetest and would always make me cry when I'd hear it. We will always be able to claim that we loved her first. She's our precious little angel.

The second one is for Lleyton Grey. I've posted it before I think, before I had a monthly "heart song" page, anyway, it is again, the sweetest thing, and really makes you think of the man you are shaping as you raise your boy.

We love our one and only Kenna!

Our lil' guy. The joy he's brought us is unbelievable. He's got a whole family of life long fans, for sure!

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