Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cookie Monsters! - Recipes

It's birthday time! You know what that means! CAKE! I decided since the only word Grey will say on command is "cuh cuh" for cookie, that I would make his cake a cookie monster one. So I googled cookie monster cake for inspiration. One of the sites that popped up was this one. I had never heard of Bakerella before, or a cake pop (yes, I do realize I don't get out much). I also made cupcakes, so sorry this is a little long, but it's a bit of a picture tutorial:-)

Bakerella's site has recipes and instructions for various kinds of cake pops. I decided on a red velvet with while icing. Bake a Duncan Hines cake mix 9x13 cake as per instructions on the box. Let cool completely. Crumble the cake into a large bowl. Take a 16oz tub of Duncan Hines (or similar) pre-made icing, and mix together (you don't need quuuuite the whole thing). It's very messy, and it looks like this:
Form the "dough" into little balls. Dip your lollipop sticks in a bit of melted chocolate, and stick them into the cake balls. Then freeze for a little while until they firm up.
Decorate as desired. I melted blue Wilton chocolate wafers, and coated the cake pop. Let dry. Then attach another Wilton chocolate wafer (cut in half), for his mouth (stick on with a bit of melted chocolate). Then dip again in the blue, and swirl around with a tooth pick to give him a scruffy/hairy look. I stuck on a teeny chocolate chip cookie (Keebler Gripz brand). He would not be cookie monster without a cookie!!!
Almost done!!
I couldn't find the perfect size of candy for his eyeballs. (all white gumballs maybe?), I didn't have the time to search every store, so I made mine out of fondant with black icing. Easy, and simple, since I had it all here anyway!
Cute, simple, DONE! I loooove them, don't you? Cutest ever.

Cupcake time!! I really really really wanted to make this recipe. Of course I am in love with Buddy (the Cake Boss on TLC) and his cakes! And his cooking show is amazing too. He's the best. I was attracted to this recipe because it doesn't "dome", and I needed a flat top to work with for my cupcakes. I also was curious as to the taste, seeing as it's something he makes. I still will make them someday! With the 6 rugrats running around and the time constraints I was faced with, it was just easy to make a cake mix from a box (I did a butter recipe one). So sad! Anyway, they tasted fine, as box mixes always do!

Coconut "fur". Coconut, blue food colouring and a ziploc. I probably put in 20 drops of colour, and just mashed it around until it was all blue!
Fur, ready to go!
I made some icing, dyed it blue, and put it in the fridge to get hard. I then formed them into little round "patties" almost. As you play with it in your hand to get the shape, it softens enough to take the coconut and stick to the cupcake, but will still keep its form. Dip in coconut. Take a sharp knife and remove a little portion and set half of a Chips Ahoy Chewy cookie on there. (Or make your own. I didn't have the time to play around with getting the size perfect, and I knew those were small enough to be just perfect, so I took the easy way out!). Then make and attach eyes (mine are fondant balls with black icing). Done.
Cutest. Ever. Ever. Ever. Loooove how they turned out!!


  1. I made the same cupcakes for Paul's 1st birthday!
    Yours look great! I used icing for the blue fur, but I do like the way your coconut fur turned out!

    Can you believe our babies are 1! Where does the time go?


  2. I can't believe they are getting so big. Sad:-( I wish I could freeze time sometimes! I'd love to see pics of your cupcakes, I'm sure they looked awesome!! I wasn't sure I could handle doing icing fur, so I went with an easy coconut cover, haha!

  3. If you let me know your email address I will send you a pic.

    Oh, I forgot to add before the cake pops are adorable!!!

    Can't believe you made all these things, prepared for the party all the while watching six kids!!


  4. You can use darbyjane79 at yahoo dot com. I think if I write it like that it keeps it from getting spammed. You know what I mean though I'm sure. I'd love to see a pic!!

  5. I LOVE these! So adorable! I've seen pictures of these and have always wanted to try them out, yours turned out great!