Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kenna Sings - Video

Some random pics before we get to the singing...
Brian has 2 side jobs going on right now, on top of his regular work, which means we don't see him very much any more! He's usually not home until the kids are already in bed...and sometimes not until I'm ready for bed too! This is what happens to dinner when Daddy is not home. We'd never get away with macaroni any other way!
That is a dried "sugar" plum, by the way. Not a dead beetle. And the kids love salad more than mac n cheese. Crazy kids!
And this is what I found on my treadmill's safety key one day when I went to use it. Courtesy of Brooks.

Kenna is such a little singer. Notice the old hymnal!
Sweet Jesus is her favourite song
She always wants to sing it with me, so here's a little duet:-)


  1. I'd say she's got her mama's talent! Very cute!

  2. Oooh, I can hear you two now one Mother's Day singing for us all. Lovely, Kenna!