Friday, March 4, 2011

Grand Prix Race - Video

Our church had an Awana's Pinewood Derby race tonight. They allowed the Cubbies to participate, which was so fun for them. The Cubbies raced first against each other (not against the older kids). Brooks won his first heat, and Kenna won her first heat, then they raced against each other for the final round. The end result?
Cubbies 1st place: Kenna.
Cubbies 3rd place: Brooks
Cubbies 3rd place for Design: Brooks.

Brooks was very happy since he said they both wanted "to win each other". So all of my explaining about how there is only one winner and we'll be happy for whoever it is was for naught, since they actually did both win! I was afraid neither (or only one) of them would place, and there would be tears.

Checked for weight and all that, and ready to race! Kenna is #4, Brooks is #1.
My personal favourite car of the night belonged to Hannah R. She also won 1st place for Best Design. So cool.
Excited to race!
Kenna's car - Thank you Daddy for making them so good!
Brooks' car - Thanks again Daddy!...and thanks to Mommy for buying the decals and chassis weights at Michaels
At home with the spoils of the night, ribbons, cars, and chocolate smeared faces from their celebratory Sundae's at McDonalds!
Brooks' first heat
Brooks' won!
Kenna's first heat
Final Race
Winners Announced

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  1. Yeah! We should have totally given you a trophy for your quick fingers on the computer that night. I looked over at you once, and you had run to clean up a spill and were still back in a flash to flip the screen just in time:) Thanks