Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I've been pretty busy recently and not taking as many pictures of day to day life as I should!! So these posts are like an eclectic smattering of life:-)
Someone took a cake pop, and left it on the table...guess who can reach onto the table now? (Both Grey and Sonny can, actually, so we're doomed). Things need to be left WELL back from the edge, or you get this little guy walking around drooling red velvet everywhere:-)

Our very well used toaster oven of 6 years died recently. On the plus side, look at how much more (lovely yellow) counter space I now have?
On the down side we are trying to master the broil function of the oven, and using the burners to make certain things, like grilled cheese. That toaster got more-than-daily use. We can't wait to replace it!..all I need is time to get out shopping, and time is kinda hard to come by these days! Somehow we'll survive, lol:-)
Cute little thank you's from Kenna for her birthday gifts. Perfect for practicing writing "big words" in a small space! It's a stamp from Stampin' Up (of course!)
It's Darth Maul!...On Friday (the birthday party day), Kenna (who has had a cold for about 10 days now), woke up with a BLOOD shot eye. The entire white was sooooo red. It looks as though they were actually bleeding. I thought maybe she had a weird pink eye (I'd heard it was going around the church), or something. So on Friday, thankfully, Auntie Lauren was not working, so she came and watched all the kids, while I took Kenna and Ardyn (didn't want to leave her with sooo many kids, and infants can be picky if they get cranky) to the Dr's. I warned Kenna we may have to cancel the party. I thought for sure she would need drops of some kind, despite her claims that they didn't burn, itch etc. They tested her for strep and the flu. Negative. It's just a cold, and either sneezing or coughing (neither of which was she doing a lot of) caused a conjunctival hemorrhage. The Dr said it was impressive!
I forgot to take a pic Friday (busy day!), and took this last night (Tues), so it's had 5 days of healing. It was 100x worse than this on Friday! She looked like a horror movie candidate or something:-)
MUCH smaller than it was on Friday. The Dr said it would take awhile to heal, but every day its getting less red (more yellow), and much smaller. They don't give you drops or anything for this, so it was kind of a wasted Dr's apt. Now I know!
And lastly. This is mostly to document something in a place I KNOW I'll be able to find it again...Inspiration! Our bedroom is completely not done. Drywall is hung, and thats it...I have been thinking, once I am afforded the time (and the money), that I would like to do it in black and white. Simple, elegant, and I want to do lots of family pics on the walls all in black frames. This came in a flier, and I really loved it's look. I want to save this pic, so that when I am ready to do the room, I can look for something similar. White walls. Perhaps a black crown molding (non-conventional, but cool?), Paint my furniture black and distress, and then a black & white bedding. With black frames on the walls, with some of our best pics throughout the years. I have a vision and it seems like it will work (and look decent). We'll find out someday when we ever get around to it!

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