Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brotherly Love

Look how cute Grey is, hanging onto Brooksie's neck:-) He stayed like that, with his arm around brother, almost the whole time at Kroger. Those two boys are such sweeties. And notice Kenna's antics in the background. Oh you're taking a picture? Let me strike a crazy pose. Can you tell that Grey's hair is getting a little lighter? It's still brown, but definitely the lightest of the 3 of them!...I don't hold out much hope however, that he will have anything other than dark brown hair in the end, given his gene pool. And I reeeeeaally hope someones hair gets even darker, like Brian's black/brown colour. It's my fave, and a pretty unique look (such dark hair with blue eyes) so I hope it gets passed on to at least one of them!
Picture taken on my phone:-)

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