Friday, July 1, 2011

Reno Updates

Kenna's room is coming along. We've got everything in the right place, and now it's time for the decorating and painting and stuff. I found bedding that I could both like and afford. Yay.
Comforter (pattern), Quilt (purple) & the wall art decals
Changing up the purple and brown to purple and white (and blue and green!)
The walls will be Rhapsody Lilac - we picked out the colour yesterday and will begin painting this weekend sometime (we hope!)
The Sheets!
The last detail we are working on for her room is the curtain room divider, since with our small home, her room also holds the piano, and school & craft supplies. Just figuring out what to buy to attach a curtain rod from the ceiling, going across the whole room. I have a great plan for the curtains themselves, which shall require me SEWING. Oh yes. I will take pics. Lots of them!

THE BATHROOM - We have purchased, but not yet finished/put up - toilet paper holder, towel ring, towel bars for above toilet, floating shelves for around sink/behind door, large oval mirror, brown floor rug, and paint! We decided to go with Waterscape, and have all the cans of primer and paint sitting in the corner ready to go. I think the walls need one more sanding!

This is what it looked like this morning!
Still needing to do/buy - Grout the floor, buy door and window trim, buy lumber & built tall thin "medicine cabinet" for in between the toilet and sink, buy a "pretty" wooden step stool for under the sink. (Currently I have a side table from the living room in between the toilet & sink. It's housing bathroom supplies and acting as a place to set things.)
The shower is operational! We love it! Although we are still wiping out tile/grout dust every time we shower. It seems to take awhile to get that stuff gone for good! This is the body spray area, there are 4 sprays as you can see.
Notice the two handles? The smaller one right in the corner controls the body sprays. The shower head = AWESOME! It's like a rain water one, but with a removal middle, which makes doing the kids hair very easy!

Even though its really not even done, it's already way better than our bathroom was! Loving it! I will take very nice pics once all is done and show you some of the cool features we have in here!


  1. gorgeous! love to see all the updates.

  2. I can't get over how gorgeous that shower is! Who knew a shower could even BE gorgeous?!!