Friday, July 1, 2011

Disney Princess Cakes

I'm using my barbie doll cake pan once again! Making some cakes for our dear friends little girl, Sarah.

Bake cakes. In this case, 1 chocolate, 1 vanilla, and 1 strawberry...each colour matches the hair of the corresponding Disney princess. Can you guess which ones?
"dirty icing" as Cake Boss would say. It's the crumb coat.
A few pics of the princesses in process...
Tangled's Rapunzel is coming along nicely.
Belle is looking very pretty in her ballgown
Ariel is still swimming under the sea
Now for some finished product pics!
Princess Ariel is all done!
side view
This doll topper started out blonde (identical to Rapunzel's)...I had to actually dye her hair red to make my mermaid. It worked out! I used edible food colour spray in a stunning combo of red and orange. Quite perfect, I think!

My Belle. She has always been my favourite Disney princess!

Side view

Rapunzel is the simplest of the three. But still cute.
They look adorable in these pics, and really, are quite stunning in person. I made my own marshmallow fondant this time, and have gotten much better with sculpting it over the bodice etc. Everyone is nice and smooth, no hidden lumps, yay!

Perhaps the hardest part of the day was doing Ariel's "shells". Lol. It took quite a few tries to get her semi-appropriately covered...and it just felt a little weird, haha. All in all, I had tons of fun! I can't wait to see Sarah's face when she sees them!


  1. Wow! They look great!!!

  2. SO PUMPED!!! i can't wait to see her reaction either! you did an AMAZING job! Thanks so much!!! :)

  3. Good job, Darla. You better watch out, who knows what will happen if you get too good at this cake decorating thing;) haha