Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long Weekends!

Brian's Mom and sister Meghan are in town...and we are ready to paint Kenna's room! So instead of helping me, Janessa takes off to Busch Gardens with Meghan and Lauren:-) Mom B and I made good headway just the same.

The door is painted, but not the trim. Wow! Look at the difference!

Loving the colour!
Janessa & Meghan at Busch Gardens. They got to meet all the Irish dancers in Ireland! That one guy beside Janessa is WAY tall!! They had a good (long, hot) day!
The rest of the time we spent at parties and get togethers with friends. Janessa managed to also squeeze in a Tides (minor league baseball) game on Sunday too!


  1. I will have to email you pics of Mattea's room - hers is a very similar colour! Except she has a lemon/lime green accent wall, but the purple you chose is almost identical. Her room has purple, green, and hot pink - with the white trim as well. Looks really cute and for right now...still "little" but could be changed around as she grows. So all that to say - good call with the colour! I'm a fan:-)

  2. I am loving the colour as well. It's so perfect for "now" and will be great for "later" too, with other bedding or whatever. Starting painting the room divider today, it's looking sooo good!! I can't wait to have it all done and post the pics!